Her education

From before she went to nursery school through till she went to the primary school, she had started to learn to read.

After 4 years in nursery school (she began at 2 1/2 ), she started in a normal class in a main stream primary school. Her progress was slow and the National Education placed her in a special class in main stream school. She stayed there until she was 14. she often wasted her time there because the special classes in France are not as they should be : they have a propensity to repeat the same lessons every year.

She then spent 2 years at home where she studied through correspondence schooling. She then went to a special school for 2 years to prepare her for her working life.

At the end of her second year she found a job in a centre for disabled workers, where she is still. She likes her job which is very diversified.

She can read and write. She can count but her maths is not good enough to manage her money alone. She has some difficulties in reading the time.












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